7 Hand Creams ELLE Editors Swear By

Take that, winter dryness.


It’s officially cold outside, which means dry hand season is around the corner. Ahead, ten ELLE staffers dish on the hand lotion product void of “overpowering scent,” “the lotion equivalent of silk gloves,” and so much more.

Eve Lom Time Retreat Hand Treatment

nordstrom.com $50.00

“Don’t be mad at me for suggesting a $50 hand cream. I get it! I’m not made of money either! If I were, I wouldn’t have so many skin problems. Unfortunately, my hands get extremely chapped and uncomfortable during the wintertime, but I also dislike oily, thick hand creams, so I’m in a pickle come those cold winds. Anyway, this Eve Lom special is the one. It’s emollient and relieves the pain, but doesn’t leave a film on your hands. Come on, I don’t want to taste my hand cream when I snack.”— Estelle Tang, ELLE.com Senior Editor


Rodin Luxury Hand and Body Cream

net-a-porter.com $84.00

“The scent of this moisturizer is crazy decadent and makes actual perfume unnecessary, but its super-rich formula is the reason I keep it handy. My hands are reptilian, but this softens my skin to creepy levels of smooth. Yes, the price is steep, but I’ve had the same tube for over a year now. Totally worth it. This product is the lotion equivalent of silk gloves.”— Justine Carreon, ELLE.com Market Editor




Yes To Coconut Hydrate & Restore Protecting Hand & Cuticle Cream

amazon.com $4.69

“I’m a sucker for coconut. What first drew me to this hand cream was its pleasant but not overpowering scent—like a real Piña Colada not made from grocery store mix. But what’s really the best about this lotion is that it actually works! The combination of Shea butter and coconut oil keeps my hands soft and moisturized. Perfect for hand-holding season.”— Chloe Hall, ELLE.com Writer and Producer



L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

dermstore.com $12

“So I’m irresponsible and lose all of my gloves…sue me! With my hands constantly exposed to the less than ideal elements during Winter, I need a thick hand cream for my cracked knuckles, which are so NOT glam. L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream comes at a steep price ($29 per tube) but it’s really the only cream I’ve tried that I don’t have to reapply throughout the day. I slather it onto the tops of my hands once in the morning before I brace the cold and I’m set for the rest of the day.” — Holly Rhue, Editorial Fellow


LUSH Sleepy Lotion

lushusa.com $9.95

“The practice of consistently slathering my skin — especially my hands after every, single wash — in rich creams started at a young age. But it wasn’t until 2016 that I found the one. There’s a small LUSH boutique inside the subway station under my office building. The scent of saccharine bath bombs is a welcome respite from what could otherwise be described as typical (sweaty, smelly), underground NYC commute. When I ran out of hand cream at my desk one day — and found nothing suitable in our beauty closet — I ventured down to pick up whatever hand cream came in at a reasonable price point. Sleepy stood out because it came in a 3.1-ounce jar — the only LUSH cream to be offered in that size, and at only $10. It’s a lilac hue — a contrast to the mostly neutral, chalky tones that LUSH creams are known for. And, it smelled like heaven. Although I like floral scents, I never really found a lavender that suited me well. Until Sleepy. While noticeable, the lavender isn’t too aggressive, and is  enveloped in a vanilla-y goodness that I can’t get en

ough of. And the feels?! The FEELS! Butter! It’s the one regular in my beauty arsenal that has yet to be replaced.” — Angel Lenise, Lead Video Producer

Eucerin Creme Eczema Relief Hand

amazon.com $9.98

“The combination of pain and unsightliness makes hand eczema a double-whammy. I’m recommending this new formula to all friends who suffer. I’m also keeping some for myself even though I don’t have eczema. It’s a good, non-oily, non-scented option to use mid-day at the office.”— Leah Melby Clinton, ELLE.com Director of Branded Content




Byredo Mojave Ghost Hand Cream, 30ml

nordstrom.com $40

“All the polished, wealthy, and unflappable women in New York City wear Byredo fragrance—and I wear the hand cream. It works because I don’t like the feeling of greasy skin, but because this smells so transporting and aspirational, I find myself applying regularly to channel my inner sophisticated lady. It also absorbs quickly, smoothes fine lines, and looks great right out on your desk.”— Hannah Morrill, ELLE.com Senior Editor


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