14 Things ELLE.com Editors Are Buying on Cyber Monday


There’s a scientific connection between turkey leftovers and hitting the “Add to Cart” button, it’s been proven. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it! At any rate, retailers are crowding our inboxes and Instagram ads with very friendly deals, and it’s been pretty persuasive for us so far. Here’s what ELLE.com editors are eyeing this Cyber Monday.




Blundstone dress boots

blundstone.com  $184.95

I spent a snowy weekend upstate after Thanksgiving, and not one, or two, but three people were wearing Blundstones to get around on the slippery ice. Not only was I ashamed, because as an Aussie this outdoor boot brand is as familiar to me as breathing, but I was very jealous. Blundstone only has one sale during the year, and it’s happening right now—15 percent off everything. —Estelle Tang, Senior Editor




West Elm pedestal table lamp


As soon as NYC had its first cold front I went crazy, redecorating and getting my apartment peak cozy. I bought art, pillows, and a floor lamp, and                                                                                         I also want to add this table lamp to the                                                                           mix. It’s nice and streamlined and won’t                                                                           take up much space in my small                                                                                     bedroom.

Savage X Fenty holiday thong 2-pack


‘Tis the season. —Chloe Hall, Writer and Producer

Apiece Apart ruffled-neck cotton blouse


An extra 10 percent off this already on sale blouse! —Estelle Tang, Senior Editor

Kate Spade bifold wallet

katespade.com  $88.00

I’ve had my eye on this Kate Spade wallet for a while now, and since it’s 30 percent off, I will probably pull the plug. There are very specific features I want in a wallet, and this one literally has them ALL: I’m able to grab my subway card without opening said wallet, there’s a built-in keychain, and a separate section for change. I’m also a fan of getting wallets in bold colors so you can easily find them in your purse, so that heirloom red is perfect. —Madison Feller, Staff Writer




Veronica Beard faux-fur trimmed blazer

net-a-porter.com $521.50

If money were no object and this blazer was available in my size I’d also buy this. The faux fur sleeves are glamorous, kooky, and even a bit utilitarian, adding a warm touch to the standard plaid blazer. –Nikki Ogunnaike, Style Director






Doen Romy top

shopdoen.com  $58.50

I’ve been thinking about buying one of Doen’s perfect tees with its flattering scooped out neckline for a while but the price ($78) always seemed excessive. The brand rarely does sales, so at 25 percent off, it seems like a steal? I know this is delusional. It’s still wildly expensive for a t-shirt. But that’s the Black Friday mania for ya. —Leah Chernikoff, Executive Director




Outdoor Voices Venus crop top


I’ve also had my eye on Outdoor Voices’ crop workout tops for forever because they seem perfect for a yoga or boxing class, where TBH I’d usually just wear a sports bra anyway. And now it’s 20 percent off on top of sale! —Madison Feller, Staff Writer

Nespresso coffee and espresso maker


The fancy Nespresso machine is $100 off at Bed Bath and Beyond, so I’ve finally convinced myself to buy it by saying it will “save me                                                                                      money at Starbucks.” (We’ll see                                                                                      about that!!) —Jessica Roy,                                                                                            Deputy Editor

Kate Space Nannete flats

katespade.com  $132.00

This may be the only day of the year I can afford Kate Spade flats without them putting a major dent into my bank account. With the site’s bonus 40 percent off sale, these shoes drop below $80. I basically live in flats (when I’m not wearing snow boots) and wear navy all the time, so this is the perfect girly statement pair to complement all my office winter attire. —Alyssa Bailey, News Editor




Uniqlo Heattech extra warm scoop neck t-shirt


Heattech is the best way to survive the winter, and so much of it is on sale. Have you also lost your Heattech tights? Now’s a                                                                                          good time to buy some new ones.                                                                                    I like this top because I would                                                                                        wear it by itself or as a layer. I’m                                                                                    really into a giant scoop neck                                                                                          right now! —Leah Chernikoff,                                                                                          Executive Director

Apologia tickets



Roundabout Theater, prices vary

On Cyber Monday I always like to take advantage of ticket sales at regional theaters, which guarantee me enjoyment for months on end at a steep discount. Check out theaters in your region, like Washington’s Woolly Mammoth, Nashville Rep, Baltimore Center Stage, and Philadelphia Theater Company, as well as New York’s own Roundabout, all of which are having huge sales today. —R. Eric Thomas, Senior Staff Writer




Ayele + Co. Sunflower Sweets Serum


I’m not one to fall for the hype, especially when it comes to skincare products. But after seeing Twitter flood with clear-faced, glowing beauties praising Ayele + Co.’s (formerly Bahi Cosmetics) Sunflower Sweets Serum, I just had to purchase one. The serum is lightweight, smells delicious, and has helped to control my acne-prone skin. So of course, now that                                                                                    Cyber Monday has rolled around                                                                                      and the brand is offering 20                                                                                            percent off, ya girl is stocking up.                                                                                    Dry, flaky skin has finally met its                                                                                      match. —Nerisha Penrose,                                                                                              Assistant Editor

DH New York faux-shearling moto jacket


With $50 off every $200 at Saks Fifth Avenue, I’m indulging my desire to get as hygge as possible with the cushiest-looking jacket I can find. —Estelle Tang, Senior Editor


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