Meghan Markle Wore a $63 Marks & Spencer Dress That Hasn’t Sold Out Yet


Meghan Markle regularly wears outfits that are worth thousands of dollars, but sometimes, the Duchess of Sussex wears clothes that are so refreshingly chic and affordable, they naturally sell out fast once people get word. This past Saturday is yet another case of that. Meghan was confirmed by Hello! today to have worn a £49.50 ($63.26off-the-shoulder dress by Marks & Spencer to the Royal Festival of Remembrance.


The most exciting thing? You can still get the little black dress in every size online, though not for long, because as expected it’s selling fast.

Double Crepe Bodycon Dress



Meghan wore the dress under a Stella McCartney robe coat when arriving at Royal Albert Hall with Prince Harry.


Meghan also wore a black dress to her secret African Parks dinner event with Prince Harry Tuesday. That one was long-sleeved with a bateau neck, so a slightly different look.


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