Cancer Daily Horoscope

(June 21 - July 22)


December 1, 2018

Tame any erratic impulses that may arise over the next five days, as Mercury continues its retrograde rampage until December 6. And on Saturday, the messenger planet slides further back into Scorpio and your fifth house of drama, passion and public image. Unleash your inner PR guru and monitor how you present yourself to the world. Think twice before sharing that expletive-laced rant on Twitter, and don’t get inked prematurely with your new love interest’s initials. But get ready to turn some heads starting Sunday, as sensual Venus dances into Scorpio and your fifth house of glamour and passion until January 7. When it comes to love, this transit could be the most romantically charged of the entire year. Single? Put your Cancer charms to use with some IRL mingling and maybe a new dating app. Already attached? A dinner date discussion could take a turn toward “big next steps” like cohabitation…or even co-parenting! On the fashion front, some new winter looks could seriously add to your skyrocketing allure. Once Mercury corrects course on the 6th, you can spring for a tiger-print coat or athleisure with seductive, cutaway panels.


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