Pisces Daily Horoscope

(February 19 - March 20)


November 3, 2018

Brave those crowds! Sometimes your gentle sign shies away from groups, especially if you’re not 100 percent comfortable with your surroundings. But you’ll get a boost of social courage on Saturday, thanks to a bold moon-Pluto trine. If you’re headed to a big event, bring along your BFF or bae for moral support, but resist the urge to cling to them the entire evening. Instead, plunge into the masses and start mingling! Seek one-on-one interactions, rather than attempting to infiltrate large packs of people. If you hit it off with the right individual, they could connect you with a whole new crew. See, this social butterfly thing isn’t so scary after all! Things could get sexy on Sunday, as the moon shimmies into Libra and your eighth house of seduction and soul-stirring synergies. What’s your wildest fantasy? If you’re coupled up, dare your S.O. to venture into this erotically adventurous territory with you. Looking for love? Close those dating apps and explore your options in the real world. Popping in to a gallery or checking out a live show could lead to a surprising romantic connection. But be warned: this passionate transit could stir up some irrational emotions. Before you start a fight, examine your feelings. Are they grounded in reality or is this just a visit from the green-eyed monster? Keep it chill, Pisces!


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