Virgo Daily Horoscope

(August 23 - September 22)


December 1, 2018

Think before you blurt, Virgo! One brutally honest comment—or tweet—could land you in hot water between Saturday and December 6, as retrograde Mercury slips back into Scorpio and your communication house for the final five days of its reverse commute. Since you can expect that people will take your “helpful feedback” a little to personally, best to keep critiques to yourself until this signal-jamming transit is over on the 6th! Also, try to save any high-stakes social media announcements until then, when you’ll get a much warmer reception. But no need to become a shut-in until Mercury corrects course! That will be impossible starting on Sunday, as sensual Venus shimmies into Scorpio and makes you the belle of every holiday season soiree until January 7. Be selective when RSVP-ing, so you don’t overbook—or fall behind at work after one too many spiked eggnog hangovers. Digital dating heats up, so if you’re single tap that app! Attached, put more cultural activity dates on your shared calendar.


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